Thursday, May 8, 2008

Be thr @ the Eclipse Demo Camp......

Dont miss the Eclipse Demo Camp - June 2008 -
Ganymede Edition being organized in Bangalore and Chennai ...

Ganymede is the name given for Eclipse 3.4 version. Ganymede is a natural satellite of Jupiter and the largest satellite in the solar system.....

Requesting for Participation and Presentations from the Eclipse
Developers around Bangalore.
Please find more information and for registration please visit the
following ...

About Demo Camp

Bangalore ::
Chennai ::

If you arent able to register .. just send in an email to and we would be more than happy to
register you for the event ....

We are also looking for Event Sponsors in terms of providing Space,
Food and Take Aways for the Participants and Speakers ... If you think
your company would be interested to sponsor please do let me know who
i need to contact and talk to to get this organised ....

Looking forward to all your support to make this event a great success
like the two previous events ..... - Dec 2007

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